Back to NY

Hi all,

Back in NY. Walking for miles, everywhere. So much to see on the streets of NY.

Kendo practice a couple blocks from our digs in Tribeca.

Lennon, still in lights.

Very graceful skater seen at Battery Park; we took movies of him also.

Lots of activity at Ground Zero.

Saturday, dinner with poet John Yau, Eve Aschheim, and their daughter Cerise. John cooked an incredible tuna with glazed onions and lentils. Very yummy. Cerise played her recorder for us. Don played his iPod (Smule) for Cerise. Then they both played iPhone Bloom. John and Squeak Carnwath are working on a book together which Magnolia is publishing.

Sunday,  took our niece Kate out to dinner at En, the previously mentioned Japanese restaurant. Kate is working very hard in Queens, helping to set up a program to find jobs for immigrants, legal and otherwise. If anybody can do it, she can. She is super enthused about the job. Kate is not only gorgeous and altruistic, she is an amazing musician, as is her brother, her mother, and her attorney father, Era's brother, Leo.

Monday, went to PS1; we just missed an Art Book Fair, which we found out about too late - missed by one day. But we did see the swimming pool by Leandro Erlich.

The Swimming Pool at PS1.

Swimming, NY style.

Tuesday, met up with Gail Severn, Bruce Velick and his dog Olivia to do the Chelsea galleries (some of them). Unbelievable winds that day, our food was actually blowing off the table at lunch. Don saw a table blow off a 20-story building with a rooftop garden and come tumbling down into the middle of Broadway.

Olivia, too cute.

Olivia, Gail Severn and Bruce Velick at the Maya Lin show at Pace; Era lurking in background.

Made Don take this picture as she looks like a cross between 2 friends of ours, Ricky Jacobs and Jan Wurm. Look carefully at what she is holding in her hands, and then see below.

"Conduit," a copper gargoyle with urine verdigris patina by Janine Antoni at the Luhring Augustine Gallery, which has moved into Charles Cowles' old space. Every woman should have one.

Too much art? Never!

Good night, New York.


Era and Don