New improved version

The Divine Ms. O just came out with the new, improved version.

We have often projected ourselves into those wagons as we drive by. It rains a lot here, and many of the roads are beyond bumpy. The poor horses and drivers of the carts have large semi trucks and sporty cars whizzing by them.

One cart driver saved our ass, by looking over his shoulder and waving us to slow, as there were 2 cars passing on a blind curve, and one of them was in our lane.

We think it would be very wise for Romania to have a horse cart lane only, and to do everything they can to save and support the horse carts. Otherwise, they will be gone in a short time. We've seen them hauling refrigerators, lumber, pipe, hay or grass, firewood, fencing, bee hives, people and empties as well. They are a pleasure to share the narrow road with, whereas the huge trucks are frightening and spewing constant fumes.