Followup: More embarrassing dining stories

Hey, you guys,

Thanks to some of you for writing in your embarrassing dining stories, which we enjoyed so much (and which Don especially very much appreciated). I am copying a few here. The names have been deleted to protect the innocent.

Hello Don and Era,
We both enjoyed your travelogue.  Especially enjoyed the story of the unshucked shrimp!  I have a similar story of a pea being sucked into the nasal cavity accidentally, and then exiting in a sneeze and landing on the plate of the Duchess of Something or Other.  And being terribly polite, she simply ate around it.
Vicarious travel is great, and such a bargain.

Dear Era and Don,
It's great being on your travel blog. It is almost like being there. Don's shrimp faux pas is the kind of thing I usually do. But usually mine involves spilling a glass of wine (red of course) on my dinner partner (usually a woman and always her glass since I don't drink).

Dear Era,
You may remember the story of my waitressing days: when holding a tray overhead to clear some passing diners, I inadvertently allowed a full plate of enchiladas to slip off the tray behind me, landing on the unsuspecting head of a businessman who was in the middle of a business lunch. It proceeded to slither down the back and front of his gray suit. His fellow diners got a good laugh out of it and thankfully he had a sense of humor also. I was mortified.

Thank goodness for good humor,

Era and Don