Tokyo, The Missing Peace

Hi folks,

We came to Japan to attend the reception of The Missing Peace in Tokyo. The location is Hillside Terrace, an art space near Shibuya and the Omote Sando area. I cannot now remember the exact name of the area, Daikan something [Daikanyama - ed.]. Tres chic. In fact, the women you see shopping in the department stores are so incredibly put together; we have not seen anything like it since Paris and Rome of 20 or 30 years ago.

Era and Chandra with Ron Haak, Darlene's husband. Lewis' mammoth sleeping Buddha is stretched across the front of the picture. Don and my Dharmakaya is on the wall to the left. Rupert Garcia's canvas is to the right in red tones.

The opening was well-attended. Some of the staff told us it was the biggest crowd they had ever had and that the space never looked better. That was gratifying to hear.

Era, Yoko, a local writer, and I think her name is Valerie, a famous Tokyo drag queen.

A couple of other local characters, showing their support.

At the Itami Airport on our way to Tokyo and then home. Boo-hoo.


Era and Don