Inside Magnolia Editions - and another trip

Dear friends and family,
We had a fabulous time at the opening for the Inside Magnolia Editions - Innovation and Collaboration exhibition at the Art Museum of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa, California. So many of our artist and other friends showed up, current staff and staff from decades past. The exhibition is still up, running through February 6, 2016.

 Artists in the exhibition and Magnolia Editions staff, past and present
(Kneeling) David Best, Guy Diehl, (Standing front) Diane Evans (Museum Director), Bob Nugent, Deborah Oropallo, Mildred Howard, Hung Liu, Era Hamaji Farnsworth, Inez Storer, Randy Rosenberg (Curator), Mary Hull Webster, William Wiley, Robert Hudson; (Back and Middle Rows, L to R) Brian Caraway, Mel Ramos, Rick Dula, Rupert Garcia, Andy Diaz-Hope, Guillermo Galindo, Laurel Roth Hope, Donald Farnsworth, Tallulah Terryll, Andrew Romanoff, Richard Wagener, Nicholas Price, Maya Bush, Heather Peters - - 
photo credit: Marisha Farnsworth

 Sande Schlumberger (Art Museum of Sonoma County board member), Roxane Schlumberger-Hume (former Magnolia Editions staff), Nicholas Price (Magnolia Editions Master Printer), Alyssa Erickson, Tallulah Terryll (Magnolia Editions Master Printer), David McKay in front of Don and Era Farnsworth’s Shadow (Cinderella). Photo: Don Farnsworth

Four Art Guys: Don Farnsworth, Bob Nugent, Rupert Garcia and Jeff Kelley
Photo credit: Hung Liu

Temra Costa, baby Quin and Marisha Farnsworth

Artists Hung Liu and Mel Ramos with Diane Evans (Museum Director) 
in front of Deborah Oropallo's The Lion Tamer

Alice Au-Yeung Caraway, Brian Caraway (artist and former staff of many years) and Owen in front of Reclining Youth by Leon Golub

Ben Blackwell with Phil on Awagami handmade Bizan paper by Chuck Close

Craig Nagasawa, John Moore and Era Farnsworth
photo credit: Mavis Jukes

Sabrina Schlumberger, sister of Roxane, daughter of Sande, and cousin of Lea Seydoux, actress and the new Bond girl (Spectre) with whom she shares a strong family resemblance when in her more serious moments. Lea's character hardly cracked a smile in Spectre.

Etosha Terryll with sister and Magnolia Editions’ Master Printer, Tallulah Terryll in front of Aziz + Cucher’s Some People.

Felix Fein in front of Andy Diaz-Hope and Laurel Roth-Hope's 
Allegory of the Monoceros

Photos not credited most likely taken by Donald Farnsworth

There are some cool little stop-action videos at the Magnolia blog site:, done by our very talented intern, Ezequiel Narcisi

We have just started a trip to India, so will try to write and post from there.

Love from Era and Don