Jodhpur Part 2

Dear friends and family,

Before we leave Mehrangarh Fort, I always love seeing the maintenance, the installation, the repair, the work going on behind the scenes. Check out his ladder extension. Yikes.

Turban winding demo; there's a lot of yardage in one turban.

Colorful crowd entering the Mehrangarh Fort, and one American in black and white, running against them.

Jodhpur, also called The Blue City

Down to the city and the bazaar around the clock tower. Fort in the background.

A samosa and a kachori (similar to a chile relleno, but little, if any cheese). Note the Trip Advisor recommendations at the ends of their banner. They were hot, spicy and really delicious.

Samosas to the left; kachoris to the right.

Little beggar boys

I'm reading Kim, so I imagine that I have some idea of what an adventurous life these boys lead. I'm sure I'm way off. They all insisted on shaking my hand good-by. Pretty grubby little hands, but that would probably be true for most groups of boys around the world.

Sights on the road: 

Some of these photos were snapped while we zoomed past on the road, but we actually stopped to see these women drying their freshly dyed fabrics.

Keeping up with the flow of traffic.

The whole family seems to be involved in digging this ditch.

There is a helmet law, which they obviously are not following, yet it was touching to see how tenderly and protectively this boy held his young sibling.

Breakneck pace, sharing the road with other crazy drivers, motorcycles, cows, pedestrians, tuk-tuks.

This is a tuk-tuk; they are everywhere, and most run on CNG, compressed natural gas (methane). It's a huge improvement over the diesel models, which you can still find occasionally, spewing black smoke.

Our driver says most Indian women are modest and would not appreciate their picture being taken by a stranger, although some smile and wave. We are careful to take our camera flaunting subtle, like this one out the car window. For portrait-type shots, we offer a payment or purchase their goods.

Love from India,

Era and Don