What we've been doing

Dear friends and family,

 Madly busy. After reviewing these pics, I know why I’ve been feeling tired, apart from my hay fever which always makes me tired. 

 Starting in late April, Chuck Close flew out to the West Coast for the opening of Pace Gallery West Coast in Palo Alto and the opening of the new SFMoMA. Pace opened with an exhibition by James Turrell, so as you can imagine, it was very well attended. Lines around the block. 

Shortly before Chuck's arrival, Don found a large number of used print cabinets (they had belonged to an architectural firm, so not surpringly, they were almost pristine) and decided we needed to get about 18 of them. They’re extremely heavy. But Magnolia did look pretty spruced up for Chuck Close’s visit

Chuck Close with Nick Stone viewing experiments at Magnolia Editions, with some of our few remaining older print cabinets in background.

Don demonstrating papermaking experiments to Chuck. Background: a small-scale test of the Lou Reed tile piece for the Chuck Close station on the new Second Ave line NY subway and a Mel Ramos "Batman" woodblock peeking over the stair railing,

Chuck Close with our two Master Printers, Tallulah Terryll and Nicholas Price, at the Pace West Coast opening. I’m in the background, apparently finding something amusing.

James Turrell, Don Farnswoth, Chuck Close at Pace Palo Alto opening.
Concurrent with the Pace Palo Alto opening was the opening of the new SFMoMA, which looks fantastic; a beautiful, world-class museum. Marisha and Brent's company, Hyphae worked on the build/design of the gorgeous living wall, which you must check out if and when you visit. 

Sorry, not a good photo. Try to see the real wall in person at the new SF MoMA.

Inside SFMoMA: Chuck Close tapestries published by Magnolia Editions

Chuck Close Cindy (Smile) painting

We went with Michael and Jill Wild, here standing in front of a mirror in front of the old entrance to the museum. The new SFMoMA is gorgeous, but I wish they had kept the former beautiful staircase. Had a wonderful dinner afterwards at a Scandinavian-Italian restaurant, Volta. The Wilds know where the good food is to be found.
Swedish meatballs - delicious. (Photo deleted as it didn’t live up to the real thing.)
Also SF ArtMarket was going on at the same time. 

Deborah Oropallo at Catherine Clark’s booth, SF ArtMarket.

Gail Severn and crew from the Gail Severn Gallery were in town for ArtMarket and visited Magnolia also.

Shannon, Era, Gail, Raphael (artist with Gail Severn Gallery) and Meredith at Magnolia Editions, practicing our Bollywood moves; something we picked up in India.

Also in late April, had a show at Toby’s Gallery (part of Toby’s Feed Barn), curated by artist Inez Storer, and up in beautiful Point Reyes. We showed our Art Notes (30 of them). We are getting quite a collection of these. Mixed media on US currency.
BOMBHEAD Art Note, Self-portrait by Bruce Conner

Frida, with Self-Portrait by Frida Kahlo

David McKay (Oakland Public School teacher, musician and husband of Tallulah Terryll) and Tallulah herself, Artist, Studio Manager and Master Printer at Magnolia Editions.

Early May, flew to NY to see Bruce Conner’s tapestries at Paul Cooper Gallery. Unfortunately, we missed the opening because of all the activities on the West Coast. To our friends in NY, we were in NY for only 2 plus days. Very whirlwind.
Bruce Conner tapestries at Paula Cooper Gallery 

 Also saw the Frieze and took in a few other exhibitions.

 Beautiful day; we took the ferry to the Frieze, which was located on a little island off Manhattan. Apparently, it was the first good weather in a while.

Fred Wilson at Pace Gallery’s booth, the Frieze.
Kiki Smith tapestry HARBOR at Galleria Lorcan O’Neill. Era speaking with Laura Chiari.
South African Artist  William Kentridge.  Magnolia had nothing to do with this booth, unfortunately.

A Brazilian gallery, Bora, showing a one-man show of our acquaintance, Artist and Activist Felipe Ahrenberg. He’s a friend of Peter Koch and Susan Filter.

Incredible handmade carpet by  Faig Ahmed of Azerbaijan.     
Dinner at another Michael Wild recommendation, Upland. Excellent. Their friendly and effortless competence and delicious food reminded us of BayWolf.
Yum. Bouillabaise.

Out to the beach to visit Chuck Close who showed us his new car,
Eve, Chuck and Era with the new vintage Mercedes convertible.

And the new puppy, Cinnamon.

And a new painting (from his Rembrandt period).

Then to Santa Fe for a super cool opening at Peters Projects, a sort of hip division of Gerald Peters Gallery.

More later,

Love from Era and Don