More food and then onward - Sayonara, Awagami

Dear Friends and Family,

Had to include this, another fabulous dinner with the Fujimori family. But first, this photo from earlier in the day.

Part of the family, although she didn’t get to come to dinner, Momoko, sitting on her throne.

Kosei (spelling?), Aya’s sister’s son, running excitedly around the restaurant.

Don, Mr. Fujimori, Craig, Aya, Kosei and Mrs. Fujimori

 I took notes because I knew I would never remember the details.

a Japanese barracuda slightly grilled sushi with shiso (this is the one with the lime slice) Delicious!!
Seaweed with lime and ginger
Scallops wrapped with clams (yum-yum)

This is going to make Don’s Aunt Susan drool (seriously, uni is her favorite dish) - tofu with yam, uni on top, with wasabi and seaweed

Tempura’ed edamame and corn

Small tempura’ed fish which I didn’t photograph. They’re in season now; we had them last night also.

3 different types of sashimi; one would never say too much.

A very delicious local sake.

Grilled sea bass with shishito peppers

Then for all you Americans out there, including Japanese Americans, rice at the end of the meal with some delicious smoked and dried fish on top with nori and little sembei. I could barely touch it, I was so full, but it was tasty. I ate the fish.

Some delicious melon which Kosei really enjoyed. I think he ate his and his grandparents’ servings.

The restaurant had a very cool dinosaur robot.

We had so many memorable meals with the Fujimoris, but that one was really special.

Group photo with mostly the staff from the handmade paper area, and not all of them. Awagami also has a machine-made factory division.

Sayonara, Awagami.

I think, as with most of these photos, if you click on them, you can get a larger picture.

Craig and Aya drove us to the station and we took two trains: one to Tokushima and another to Takamatsu. As the crow flies, it would be much less distance to go from Awa to Takamatsu, but there are no train tracks criss-crossing that part of the country. 

Photo taken from the train

Love from Japan,

Era and Don