Aix en Provence

Dear friends and family,

I'm going to whiz thru this because I know you are all waiting for St. Petersburg. And so am I. There is so much to tell.

I think I am finally getting a handle on putting these blogs together on this blogger site, so it is only taking me a very long time instead of a ridiculously long time as I was having to do them over and over as the program crashed, misbehaved, etc. Anyway...

Annie drove us to nearby Aix en Provence.

Another extremely hot day, but this restaurant has figured out a way to keep their rosé cool.

Era is pointing to a pigeon egg which fell out of its nest.

Goofing off.

Our brunch under the trees. That's Annie and Don sitting to the right. That ominous gray shape at the bottom right is where I got tired of filling in the missing parts from the Autopano program. This is a composite of about 7 photos.

Breakfast! Couldn't eat it all. Had some for supper in an Annie-prepared salad.

Back to Annie's place and her beautiful backyard.

Swimming pool with our favorite little French sisters, who pretty much live there (in the pool).

Life is good in Southern France.

Side of the house. Annie's dad did all that lovely iron grill work on the windows, much of the stonework and the decorative and very sturdy eaves.

Tore ourselves away and caught a plane to London. Overnight in London and then on to St. Petersburg. Next, St. Petersburg!


Era and Don