Chuck's Beach House Birthday

Hello friends and family,

On another trip, even though I did not get a chance to finish telling you about the end of our last trip. We have been incredibly busy at home, many art projects and a big remodeling project at Magnolia, which also turned out to be a work of art.

Whirlwind, whirlwind before we left. Our niece, Sara Glatt, the daughter of Don's older and much beloved brother, Roger, came to visit the night before we left. No photos of her, so you will just have to take our word that she is adorable. We do have some photos of her brother, John Glatt, from our last trip, which I may include in a later catchup email.

Brent, Marisha's boyfriend, most kindly got up at 5 in the morning to take us to SFO. Our local underground BART is on strike, infuriating many and causing havoc on all the freeways. Liberal Bay Area is losing patience with BART employees as they are seen to be already overpaid with cushy jobs. They make more, I think considerably more than local bus drivers, who are generally seen to have a much more difficult and hazardous job. 

Enough teeth gnashing and pre-trip anxiety. Brent got us to the airport in plenty of time. We had a great flight on JetBlue, caught up on some sleep, rented a little car at JFK and drove East instead of West; into Long Island rather than Manhattan. 

(Click on photos for larger images and a slide show)

Chuck has recently built and pretty much designed a beautiful, very comfortable beach house. Incredible location as you can see; this is the view from one of his decks. Blistering hot day, but the cool ocean breezes kept things very pleasant.

Another view of the beach, later in the day. Autopano did fun things with the kitesurfer. That's one kite in several locations. Detail below.

Kitesurfing sail, multiple exposure detail

It was all so relaxing and healthy. Chuck looks great!

Preparing the birthday feast: asparagus and zucchini on the grill, lobster in the pot. 
Joe, the builder of the house, is master griller.

Not sure who is going over the side (probably Anthony), but he's chasing a lobster who jumped out of the pot.

Lots of activity and effort in the indoor kitchen as well.

Kirsten who works for Pace in Manhattan and grew up in Hawaii, gazing wistfully at the beach.

 After helping Don put a Chuck Close ceramic tile image of Phil together, she had to drive back to Manhattan that night.

The ceramic tiles, prototypes for a new NY subway station.

Happy Birthday Boy! Betsy Kaufman, Chuck and Sienna.

Mark Greenwold, Chuck and Don (who hopes to sport a beard some day).

Birthday Boy and Era

Ahhhh!!  Best friends.

Don's 3D portrait from MakerBot; beard sprouting.

Finally tore ourselves away and we're in Manhattan. 

Era and Don