Catching up; last trip; current events

Hi friends and family,

Backing up a bit on the timeline. Last March, on our way back from London, we stopped once again in NY and went to a few of the Armory shows. 

One great aspect to sending these emails out is that our friends can follow where we are and sometimes we meet up with them in faraway places. Salustiano, our dear Spanish friend, with his beautiful family: wife, Angela, also an artist, and son Horacio -- were in town for the Armory show. 
Happy to see each other in front of Salustiano's paintings; Era and Angela

We ended up having a wonderful mini reunion of artist friends from The Missing Peace show hosted by the exuberant and lovely Katarina Wong and her charming Michael. Katarina, who is part Chinese and part Cuban, let the Cuban side come shining thru with a delicious stew, black beans, lovely salads.

Katarina, thank you for exhausting yourself (old Japanese saying)

Katarina, Salustiano, Michael, Angela and Horacio
Back to the Armory, we ran into Squeak and Gary and had lunch with them. We were all somewhat awed at the sight of Yoko Ono, strolling around the fair and having lunch at the same cafe where we were lunching. I was too intimidated to talk to her, but later was disappointed in myself that I hadn't told her how much I appreciate her work promoting World Peace. We mentioned it to Chuck and he said, "I just had lunch with Yoko there yesterday." 

Calvert from the Rena Bransten Gallery, standing in front of Hung Liu prints published by Magnolia Editions.

We promised you a picture of John Glatt, our nephew. Standing next to him is lovely Savina. Living the New York life.

Back to Oakland, California, where it seemed we have hundreds of projects going on. Our daughter, Marisha, had just gotten her masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley, so we talked her into doing a redesign of Magnolia.

Back to Magnolia; a month and a half of remodeling

The chaos before the calm

Wow! It's all worth it. And on time and on budget.

Meanwhile our usual art projects are still moving along.

Tallulah preparing to start an elaborate glazing and printing process; Magnolia proprietary

Maya drying the glazes
Deborah Oropallo working with Tallulah on the flatbed press. Almost finished Chuck Close glazed tiles in the foreground.

Era with Jefferson at Radio Robot with some Hung Liu deer cutouts, later printed, edited with sanding and installed at Hung's show at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Era in front of Hung Liu's deers at the San Jose Museum. The amazing Hung Liu also had one-person shows at the Oakland Museum and Mills College in the last several months.

Maya and Ken busy "weeding" (removing red iron oxide coated protective tape) from a John Buck project

Nicholas unpacking the mo' better, faster, powerful laser cutter. Now we just have to get it working.

 Writing this now from our friend Annie's beautiful landscaped backyard in Southern France, near Marseilles. Crickets, sun and warm, not hot.