Christmas dinner in Paris

Dear Friends and Family,

It was supposed to rain on Christmas. We spent the morning holed up in bed, reading and napping. We ventured outside to find a beautiful day.

Quite exciting after the gray and sometimes rainy days we've been having; although Paris is fascinating enough to make even those wet days perfectly wondrous.

Our little apartment has a great location; we are surrounded by the Seine.
Made our way to the Wilds' apartment, which is up the river (west), on the left bank, Rue de Seine. Our apt is on Ile St. Louis. Above, Era standing on the Pont Neuf. 

Our convivial gathering: Thomas (from the back; an old friend of Michael's from school days), Michael, David, Jill, Karin (Michael's Parisian cousin), Don

The beautiful goose and the beautiful family.

I can smell it now; pure heaven

Down to work

Best documented Christmas dinner ever.

We realized that none of us had had a Christmas goose dinner before, although we heard from Don's Aunt Susan that when she was married to Aimery Caron (Leslie's brother), Susan made a roast goose or roast duck every Christmas and/or Thanksgiving. The goose was more difficult. As for our dinner, it was amazing! 

Thomas with his rare Vin Jaune

Karin with her new fur coat, a family heirloom, gift from Jill.

The Buche de Noel

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Don & Era