Dear friends and family,

In Paris for the holiday season with Michael, Jill and David Wild. The Wilds had kindly invited us to join them here several times, and we finally said, Why the heck not? Are we crazy? Who wouldn't have Christmas dinner prepared by Michael Wild (owner, along with partner Larry Goldman, of BayWolf Restaurant in Oakland), if given the chance?

Staying in an apartment, which friends of Michael and Jill stay in, on the Ile Saint-Louis. If you know Paris, you know it doesn't get more central than this. It's in the middle of everything, yet very quiet.

David, Jill and Michael Wild

Flew into Paris CDG, took the train in, dropped our bags at the apartment, and then went to Michael, Jill and David's super comfy apartment for a light supper. What a total pleasure to be with welcoming friends in a foreign location.
Michael wanted it to be clear that he is renting this apartment and that is not his choice of art.

The next day, the morning of the 24th, Michael and David came by our little apartment with croissants and pastries, and we all took off for the most beautiful butchery to pick up our Xmas goose and other delights.

Jean-Paul Gardil, most awesome boucherie (that sounds so much better than "butcher shop")

Don, looking a bit stunned at the largesse, and Michael, very focused. 

Chickens wrapped in little white linen bags

We left Michael and David with the various goodies and took off for the Arts et Metiers (Museum of Arts & Technology), which Don and I had not seen before. Rendez-vous'ed with David there.

This is an early form of X-ray tube which was made by the thousands in France during WWI.

Great use for an old cathedral

Vintage printing press; the rollers remind me of Gus Heinze's print "Made in USA"

Model of a Jacquard loom (possibly made for a patent office?)

Beautiful early thermometer

Then back to the Wilds' apartment for Xmas Eve dinner
Preparing for the Caviar Moment

Table set with French miso soup

 A beautiful time

A sublime calvados

Tomorrow, Christmas dinner.


Era and Don