More Paris

Dear friends and family,

Random photos, a typical day in Paris, and maybe a few days thrown together.


The lines at the Louvre were ridiculous. Standing in (almost) freezing cold weather for 2 hours to get inside a completely packed museum. Good thing we almost have the museum memorized and didn't feel a great urgency to go. The world population has tripled since we baby boomers were born.

La Tour Eiffel during the day, albeit an overcast one

Outside of the Palais de Tokyo

The Pompidou; we are joined by David's Spanish Basque friend, Borja. 

The Pompidou now has a Chuck Close Self-Portrait (Yellow Raincoat) tapestry in their collection, or they almost do; it hasn't been delivered yet.

A wonderful Surrealism exhibit - above, Masculin / FĂ©minin by Mimi Parent

Bust of a woman with a baguette by Salvador Dali

 Deer in the headlights

 Man Ray's coat hanger mobile casting shadows on a floating suitcase

An assemblage of packages sent to Didier Ottinger, the exhibition curator

And quite a surprise, the little square box at the bottom is from the Cheryl Haines Gallery in San Francisco

A little rest before dinner at…

Ambassade d"Auvergne. Don's starter: a cassoulet. Potatoes, ham and beans. He loved it.

Michael had warned us that the food would be very rich and that we shouldn't eat anything that day.

Michael and I both had their very hearty and tasty cabbage soup with Roquefort cheese.

David's starter was lentils, which came in a huge tureen. We all tasted some; perfectly cooked. Borja is eating foie gras.

 Don's main was a cabbage whose leaves had been lifted apart and very thin layers of sausage sandwiched between the leaves. It was sublime.

Jill and I both had Blanquette de Veau

Michael's steak with marrow and potatoes

The younger of our party finished off this meal with a huge pot of chocolate mousse. It was hard to contemplate. I decline to show it to you, Dear Readers, as I fear pictorial calorie overload.

Love from Paris,

Era and Don