More Miyajima

Dear Friends and Family,

This is the view from our window the next morning. A class of students getting ready to leave on the ferry and getting their instructions. They are very quiet and orderly, although there were some wild ones the night before, running through the streets and screaming. Don thinks the cute boys who asked to have their picture taken with him were among them.

They prepared a lovely breakfast for us at Yamaichi Bekkan. No photos.

We did stop for a capuccino later.

Made our way to Daisho-in, an amazing temple up in the hills. We walked around the back of the beautiful Itsukushima Shrine, the one which floats over the water at high tide; the large Torii gate is part of this shrine.

The road going up to Daisho-in. Priests used to live on this road, but I think they are mostly privately owned residences now.

Gate to the Daisho-in temple complex

Statues to all the little babies or children who died in childhood through the ages; someone or group of Japanese women have kindly crocheted them little hats.

Daisho-in main temple, where they have a large tribute to the Dalai Lama who came to visit several years ago.

Expanse of pristine tatami mats and Dalai Lama at the far end of the room.

The young priest who conducted a ceremony and gave us (a small group) a blessing. He was a very skilled drummer and would simultaneously chant and play intricate rhythms on his drums and wooden sticks. The ceremony was very moving and uplifting; more than others I've experienced. I prayed for some friends of mine with health problems and for general world peace, which is probably what we are all praying for these days.

Couldn't take photos of the ceremony.

Outside and lining some of the paths


Inside another temple in the Daisho-in complex.

The lighting does something odd to the translucency of my blouse. Sorry about that.

Hey tourists, this is an offering box, not a trash can. Please don't throw litter into the submitted prayer box.

You're allowed one ring of the bell per visit

Right after ringing; the large striker is so heavy it knocked me off balance.

Origami trash bag in the women's room

Walked back to our inn and the ferry terminal.

Sayonara, Miyajima!

Love from this side of the pond,

Era and Don