I'm Big in Japan Roundup

Where does he find them all? These Japanese school girls, young and older, are always so good about cheerfully joining along in our photo fun.

Seriously, we received this wonderful addition to our theme from the brilliant Deborah Oropallo, our artist friend.

Which encourages us to collect our Big in Japan photos for review.

I'm not so Big in Japan

Warning against a more or less constant hazard for those who are Big in Japan.

And this seems like a good time to veer off into our pictorial signs.

Don't be Square.

Warning: Aliens and their children exiting from spaceships

No Smoking While Walking

In Japan there are literally toilets every other block or so and they're usually very clean, they're often "wash your butt," as Don calls them, and in great working order. This shows the location of all the toilets in a train station. It also has audio assistance if you push the button.

A number of things you should not consider doing in this elevator

More elevator advice

Please walk your bike

No photos!!

Love to all,

Era and Don