Stockholm and the Nobel Museum

Hi everyone,

What a beautiful city Stockholm is. Located over a series of islands, it reminds us a little of a cross between Vancouver and Amsterdam, with some Seattle thrown in. We came here to attend the opening of The Missing Peace at the Nobel Museum. Staying at the Diplomat Hotel with Squeak Carnwath and Gary Knecht, and Lewis de Soto and Chandra Cerrito and Chandra's mom, Judy Cerrito. Quite a few artists have shown up for this one, and also a curator from Romania, Anca Mihulet and her installer boyfriend Sebastian, so it was a bit like a summer camp reunion.

The day we arrived it rained, but the next day, the day of the opening was quite lovely. Today is very bright and sunny and cold.

The Nobel Museum right before the opening reception. That is Michelle Townsend working away, doing her condition report.

Another view of The Missing Peace before the opening. There is an aerial track strung from the ceiling where banners of Nobel prize winners drift by on a regular basis.

A Tibetan singer, didn't get his name, who performed a beautifully haunting song. Starting L to R with the people wearing the golden scarves: the man with the beard is their very innovative installer at the Nobel Museum, who did the moving banners of the Nobel prize winners on the tracks, the two blondish women are Karin and Anna, curators at the Nobel Museum who we met in Romania; wearing the white scarf is Era, and the last golden scarf wearer is someone important at the Museum, but don't know his name. Pinch me, we're exhibiting at the Nobel Museum.

Katarina Wong, looking as if she is getting ready to take off, along with her piece.

The exhibition is beautifully installed and lit.

Two-fisted toasting.

Dinner party after the reception. That is Ron Haak in the center foreground; at one table back can be seen Squeak Carnwath, Lewis deSoto and Chandra, part of Judy's (Chandra's mom) head, Gary Knecht, Tenzin Tethong, part of my head (I'm next to Squeak), part of Gabriella Morawetz's head, and the back of Pancho's head.

Back table has Anna, the Nobel curator, Filippo di Sambuy, Hijin and David Hodge, Katarina Wong, Filippo's daughter and wife, Patrizia, and Dani, Katarina's sister. Not in that order.  Darlene is standing to the right of the photo.

The front table, besides Ron, has Anca Mihulet, the Romanian curator (not shown), Karin, the Nobel curator (not shown), Sebastian, Anca's boyfriend, shown very fuzzily, and some Nobel people I didn't meet.


Era and Don